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Welcome to the main page for my newest project, The RIOT Car.

If you are trying to access our main dealership, Montana Muscle and Classics, you can visit my main website at But if you are looking for a RIOT Car you are at the right place..

These cars are available for purchase immediately. This car can utelize anything from a standard VW 4 cylinder air cooled motor, mazda rotary engine, porsche motors, or even some cool v8's. So you can plug in exactly the amount of punch you need.. But to be honest you don't need get too far away from a basic 1600cc vw engine to make the 1100lb RIOT hustle.. Use a 2.3L VW Motor with 150 horses and you can beat a corvette down a 1/4 mile slice of asphault.. This is a great car, and we are offering it as a turnkey car, with everything done. Interior, Body, Chassis, Electrical, etc.. You won't have to take it around from shop to shop getting peices here and there, Now you've got a racecar ready for the track.

Look through the links on the left for pricing pictures and engine options, etc. But most of all if you want one of these, call me Nathan Wratislaw 406-642-9602